Our Vision

We work in the present, yet with clear goals towards the future. Always on the search for new challenges and horizons. We work with constant dedication to innovation, cost-effectiveness, and professionalism. Our vision at Decorelle is to produce venerable and iconic constructions that reflect current and capable accessibility, luxury, and splendor.

Simply getting the job done is not an option at Decorelle, but rather we exert every effort to produce quality enterprises. At Decorelle every client is a partner, and regarded as a vital additive regardless of project size. We value quality, not quantity. We believe that every employee is an asset to our company, irreplaceable, and adding to constant evolution. Our work ethic lays in respect, understanding, and tolerance of the firm’s individuals, and the rules and regulations agreed upon by the collective.

We strive to increase our local and global portfolio in order to become, and remain, a principal inspiration to the growing world of architectural and interior design.

About Decorelle

Owned and managed by Mr. Khaled Said Al Attar and Mr. Mohammad Al Kaabi. Decorelle has introduced numerous ventures including over a hundred constructions internationally, fifty modern and classic villas, and many palaces belonging to royal lineage, with several projects within the Villagio Mall and City Center simultaneously.